Personal. opinion, quality, or thing that belongs or relates to one particular person rather than to other people.

It's Personal

Being a small “Boutique” type of firm gives us certain advantages over other types of companies in our industry. For example, when Paul was a teenager, he had always loved computing and in particular programming languages. He still loves to program and does so basically every day, not as a career but as a form of personal development and enjoyment. This gives us the advantage that if we need a new technology, to achieve some specific result, we can go from concept to implementation often within a few hours because Paul will joyfully sit at his work station with one eye on his quotation system watching our model portfolio and write the needed programs to bring that concept to life. We are nimble, and we are all pulling in the same direction. We work very closely together and we share the same passion and pride in our work.


Very close relationships. 

Because we serve only a small group of families, we believe that we spend a much greater amount of time and resources on each of our clients than many companies in our industry do. Imagine calling JP Morgan and asking to speak to the CEO, or even just the lead portfolio manager? Not a chance, unless you are one of their elite billionaire clients. Here not only can you reach any of us directly anytime during normal business hours, but you don’t have to suffer through a myriad of computer prompts and push several keys on your phone only to be told to leave a voice mail. In our company it is a race to see who picks up the phone first when it rings.

It is not that other companies can’t do what we do, it’s that they won’t. To work so closely and so personally with each client poses a limitation on how many clients we can have and still deliver the kind of personal attention and commitment we do. Even single practitioner investment advisors these days have thousands of clients and spend most of their time looking for more while passing their client to some platform (an auto rebalancing machine). These companies don’t have the time or the inclination to truly care about your health, your state of mind, the quality of your life. They may be investment advisers but they are generally not personal advisors (confidants).

Personal face to face interaction and constant communications.
We meet with our clients often. We meet in person at one of our offices of convenience, we conduct live web meetings to review important issues, we communicate by phone on a regular basis, we try to communicate via e-mail every day often starting at 4 or 5AM with our early morning info blasts , we hold client seminars to speak about market conditions and other important matters that are common to our clients such as issues with their employer pensions, income tax law changes, and other topics of importance to them specifically, we produce education and informational videos available for our clients use only, we use proprietary technologies to quickly and efficiently locate and communicate with our clients in times where communication speed is important, and we make it easy for our clients to communicate with us, by making sure each and everyone of us is always available to take a phone call or answer an email no matter what the persons position is within the firm or how busy they may be. We do not have complicated menus on our phone system, and we don’t ask our clients to wait on hold for the “next available representative”. We are always here, real people with a genuine interest in our client’s wellbeing.


Time to mentor.

We take the time to teach our clients money management concepts and strategies, we happily spend hours discussing market behaviors and technical analysis tools, we want our clients to be informed, and to have a deep understanding of what they own and why. This gives us a much closer relationship with each client and prevents panic in times of Market turmoil


Personal client involvement.

Nearly all asset management companies these days work strictly on a discretionary basis. This means that they make all the decisions, buy and sell at will, and the client has little or no involvement in the money management process.

We believe differently. Our clients have the right not only to know what they are about to invest in and why but also to have a voice in deciding if they agree or disagree.

Although we retain discretionary authority in the management of our client’s portfolios, we seek to inform our clients of our investment choices and portfolio adjustments. In doing this, we strive to make the client part of the process and create a more solid relationship that has a greater chance of success.


High-end personal attention.  

We involve ourselves in every facet of our client’s life’s and needs. We know our clients by the sound of their voice not some account number and we truly care about the quality of their lives.

This type of very personal one on one advisory service is usually only available these days at the very top of the big companies’ asset management divisions. Yes, if you are a billionaire and have you accounts at JP Morgan or some other major company you get this very special type of service and attention. We aim to bring that kind of service, and even more so, a very personal love of our clients, to the middle-class investor.  

Holistic Planning.
Holistic means total or complete. For example, what good is it to save so hard and try so hard to provide for your family’s future only to be wiped out financially by a skilled liability lawyer because you had an accident. Poor risk management can lead to this kind of catastrophe. Holistic planning means we look deeply into every minute detail about your life and help you implement a well-rounded financial system. This process takes many hours to establish and never ends. It's a Holistic Living Financial Plan.

Our advantages are simple. 

We are small, we work for a small very special group of families, and we want to stay that way. We get nearly all of our clients as some form of referral from our existing clients. Loyal clients some of witch have been with Paul for over 40 years and in some cases we have second and even third generations of the same family with us.

As we always say, we are your Personal Advisers. 

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