Adviser: One who gives recommendation regarding a decision or course of conduct.

Personal Advisers, & Confidants

We at Milagre endeavor to provide a supportive experience for our family of clients and act as unofficial confidants through our comprehensive set of offerings. We strive to create a family-like atmosphere for our clients.
We pose as few limitations as possible on our job as Personal Advisers to our clients and their families.

We make it our directive, and even more importantly our commitment, to do whatever it takes to secure the whatever advice is possible possible for our clients no matter the issues involved. We don’t just limit ourselves to the common types of financial planning advice, we are much more than that, we are confidants.

Need help with your school because they are not properly serving your special needs child? Call us your “Personal Advisers”. Trying to find a doctor for a particular illness? Call us your “Personal Advisers”. 

We may not have expertise or personal experience in all matters and we can not in any way guarantee of even promise that we will be able to help, but we can try. We are willing to spend the time and resources to do whatever we can to help you stay healthy, happy, and living the best life possible. 


Sure, helping you potentially grow your family’s assets is the most common thing a client may associate us with, but what good is a lot of money if you have such back pain you can’t get out to enjoy it? What does money matter if you feel unable to help those you love? Money is just a thing, its only value is the good you can do for yourself, your loved ones, and others.
We are here to help in any way possible, even with the simplest things. Need a new roof and don’t know where to find a good contractor? Give us a call. We probably have clients who have had similar work done in your area who can refer you to someone they were happy with, or we can use technology to help narrow down your choices and identify appropriate costs and or special requirements in your area.

You ask your friends and relatives for advice and recommendations for these things, sometimes you may even ask simple acquaintances, sometimes, even a stranger you meet at a local store, why not ask your Confidant? We will try our best to help guide you. Maybe we can and maybe we can't but we hope you will let us try.

We are here always no matter what the question is. Think of us as acting liaisons between you and the world. Your own "personal" tool to seek out knowledge, information, and a pathway forward no matter what your specific need is.

This after all is the most significant benefit of working with a small and very personal advisery group such as Milagre. We are not Robo-advisors, we are not advisers to the masses, we are Personal Advisers to our small group of families. We may cost more than a robot or automated advisor, or or a large advisory firm, but we but we feel that we provide a level of personal attention and care that is not easily scalable for larger advisers. 

We are proudly your Personal Confidants.

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